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About Our Alarms

As a full-service security company, Allfine Security provides end-to-end solutions for any residential application, including video surveillance and intrusion detection. Our state-of-the-art alarms protect your home from potential intrusion. Allfine Security alarms prevent the common threat of burglary by monitoring your home 24/7 by specializing in the exact alarm you need to safeguard your property. As technology continues to advance, we pride ourselves in offering our customers peace of mind in an ever-changing world. We specialize in customized security systems because we believe that no two jobs are exactly the same. While most of the competition forces their customers to use cookie-cutter packages, we prefer custom tailored solutions best fit for your application. Our residential system packages are fully customizable so they fit your unique security needs. Each alarm system maximizes family safety while minimizing potential loss due to theft. Houses, apartments, condos, cottage, garage or farm, our professionally installed alarm systems will protect your property and valuables. Your security needs may change over time, so your security and fire systems must adapt as well. All systems feature expansion and upgrade capabilities.

Key Components

Door & Window Contact

This alarm contact is breached whenever a door or window is opened up by an intruder. This alarm is barely seen but plays a big part in protecting your property.


Sirens are effective at preventing intrusion, these alarms are loud enough even your neighbors will be alerted. Sirens can be well hidden and be installed indoors or outdoors.

Motion Sensors

These motion sensor alarms can immediately detect motion from burglars. Once they detect movement it sends a signal to the security system. Our alarm motion sensors are available in dual motion, multi trip, and pet immune models.

Wireless Receiver

Allfine’s Wireless Receivers allow you to be in control of the alarms installed in your home. It stays out of sight and it’s simple to use. It provides flexibility and option when no wires are available.  Adding wireless provides you a hybrid system utilizing both hardwired and wireless components.   Any add-on would now be possible.


GSM allows you send alarm signals wirelessly to our monitoring station. When the phone line is cut, the GSM system provides a communication backup.  GSM can also be the primary method of communication when phone line or internet is not available.

Glass Break Sensors

These alarms will instantly alert you when a burglar breaks a window or glass by monitoring acoustic levels.

Water Sensors

These alarms are perfect for detecting floods near sinks, mechanical rooms, IT server rooms and monitoring sub pump sensors.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide alarms can alert you the moment it detects any carbon monoxide in your property.

GAS Detector

Combustible gas alarms can alert you the moment it detects any methane (natural gas) and propane (heating gases) in your property.

Smoke Detector

Fire alarms are the most important component for your residential property.  Our fire alarm systems help keep your family and property safe.  Smoke detectors are ideal for early detection and fire prevention.

We service and install. Our most commonly used hardware for security alarm systems consist of;

DSC Alarms, Honeywell Alarms, Paradox Security Systems, Elk Security products, GE alarm devices, Tane, GRI, Control4, Amseco, Kantech and Maxsys Systems.

A certain level of psychological comfort is gained with the installation of a burglar alarm. The property owner can relax if they know someone is watching out for them.



Over 3,500 burglaries happen in Toronto each year.

Over 33,000 business fires happen in Toronto each year.

People without alarms are 20x more likely to be victims of burglary.

Our Service

Our certified and trained technicians ensure your alarm system is installed to the highest standards.  Our programming techniques are like no others.  We go above and beyond to ensure all signals get transmitted from your property to our monitoring station in the shortest possible time.  Allfine offers professional security alarm installation for all dwellings..  Every home is different, we provide a custom designed alarm system to truly protect your property.

We have 5 monitoring stations across Ontario with offices in Toronto.  All our monitoring stations are ULC listed and house all redundant measures available.

We offer verified alarm systems where we dispatch police after verifying an actual intrusion.  Most alarm systems experience false alarms and this results in long response times from police or wasted city resources.  Allfine Security has a very reputable and long standing relationships with all police departments across Ontario.  Our verified alarm systems eliminate false dispatches and false alarm fines.  When an alarm is dispatched as a verified crime in progress, this results in an immediate police dispatch.   This helps us achieve a rapid response time.

Smart Home Alarm Monitoring

What Is Smart Monitoring?

Smart monitoring is our next level of alarm systems.  Specifically designed for our  clients, our smart services include fail proof alarm systems, multiple communication paths and ULC monitoring.  We incorporate outdoor motion sensors and security cameras that all integrate with the alarm system.  This provides the property and customer early detection of a possible intrusion.  Rather than notifying owners and police of an intrusion which has already taken place, we detect a breach from the moment unauthorized access enters the property line.  Owners are notified by phone call, text message and/or email.   Live remote viewing of your property and full remote control of your alarm system provides access from anywhere in the world.

Receive alerts when the kids get home,  garage door opens or get notified of a water leak.  Allfine offers state of the art systems to deliver complete 24/7 protection.


  • Peace of mind
  • Monitor temperature change
  • Receive notification of smoke or fire
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Deter crime
  • Decreased risk of damage or loss
  • Protect family
  • Control access
  • Protect valuables
  • Rapid police response

What Our Customers Are Saying

Easy to use home alarm system. amazing service. Great staff. I enjoy the peace of mind!

Marianne, Etobicoke ON

We love our alarm system and cameras. We feel safe and a wonderful install.

Bob, Etobicoke ON

Clean and professional install. User friendly alarm system with mobile access. Thank you gentlemen.

Cristina, Maple ON

Our alarm system prevented a break-in. headache avoided. Very happy with the installation.

Jay, Kleinburg ON

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