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About Our Cameras

HD Security Cameras are an essential addition to keeping your business and valuables safe. These cameras can immediately keep out even the most veteran criminals from breaking into your property utilizing analytical technology. With our security camera systems (CCTV), you can observe and prevent burglars from destroying and affecting your business. When security cameras are installed around the property, it shows a secure building, leaving burglars to think twice and possibly deterring the crime from occurring.

Security cameras can assist in preventing vandalism, loitering, employee theft, shrinkage, false insurance claims, POS sales tampering and fraudulent transactions.

Our cameras can also assist in managing inventory, time and attendance, and provide useful statistics regarding your employees and customers to help grow your business.

Key Components



Our dome security cameras are fantastically hidden and can observe a wide view of its surrounding area.  Equipped with HD lenses and powerful night vision technology.  Dome cameras are availbe in HD mega pixel models providing resolutions that exceed 1080P HD!  Ideal use for these security cameras are all residential homes, pool houses, garage, workshop and backyards.

Bullet Security Cameras

Bullet Security Cameras

Bullet security cameras allow free movement around its field. Bullet cameras offer a full list of features for you to use which makes this camera a popular pick.  Easy installion and the ease of tampering makes this camera specific to only certain installation applications.   Equipped with infrared night vision allows you to observe high quality images of your property in clear view during the evening.  Ideal use for these security cameras are 2-storey homes, cottage, boat house or trailers.

Dome Security Cameras

Dome Security Cameras

Our dome security cameras are fantastically hidden and can observe a wide view of its surrounding area.  Equipped with HD lenses and powerful night vision technology.  Dome cameras are availbe in HD mega pixel models providing resolutions that exceed 1080P HD!  Ideal use for these security cameras are all residential homes, pool houses, garage, workshop and backyards.

Micro Security Cameras

Micro Security Cameras

This security camera is amazing for how discreet and out of sight it can be, perfect for covert application or nanny cameras.  These cameras are also available with built in microphones which record HD audio.  Ideal use for these security cameras are bedrooms,  indoor, nanny, caregiver and covert applications.

We service and install. Our most commonly used hardware for security alarm systems consist of;

Avigilon, Axis, March Networks, Software House, Genetec, Kantech, Indigo Vision, Control4, Arecont Vision, Hikvision, Flir, Bosch, Honeywell, Interlogix, Vivotek, Samsung, and Geovision

Nearly 60 percent of burglars said they would consider the presence of cameras and that would be a factor in prompting them to choose another target

Our Service

HD security cameras are a must need product to keep your business secured. Our professional staff will work towards finding the precise camera best suitable for your application.  Our professional installation team ensures a clean and neat installation and always provide thorough training. We service and install analog cameras, IP HD security systems, HD-CVI and TVI systems.  Our technicians are highly trained in commercial, industrial and small business installations. Our managed services and maintenance packages will ensure uninterrupted uptime.  Retail security, mobile security or general surveillance, our professional installations will assist in delivering a turn key security system best fitted for your business and its requirements.  All our work is backed by a 1-Year Labour Warranty.  We offer remote assistance and our managed services will save you time and money while freeing up your valuable resources.  All our high quality security systems are custom designed and specific to your needs.

Key features include:

  • Managed Services and Maintenance Packages
  • Live remote viewing and playback
  • Retail, Commercial business and Industrial systems
  • Local offsite storage for DVR and NVR recording
  • Virtual Security Guard service offers more coverage for less
  • Virtual video patrols provides next level security
  • Mobile phone and tablet support
  • Intrusion alerts by phone, text message or e-mail
  • Same day and next day service available

Live Monitoring

What Is Live Monitoring?

Allfine Security prides itself on providing our clients 24/7 live video monitoring. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that we’re constantly alerted on any suspicious activity that happens around your property.  Allfine acts as your virtual security guard, monitoring your home from all angles and instantly alerting the authorities the moment an alert or event occurs. Ideal for vacant home, homes under renovation or construction, or while you are traveling on vacation, our service provides a thorough coverage of all areas. While monitoring the CCTV cameras, we can notify the authorities as an event unfolds, aiming to deter and/or apprehend.  Ultimately, we cover more area than your typical security guard and at a fraction of the price!   Having security cameras alone will only record data which means you need to review the footage after a crime has occurred.  Our unique approach is to avoid the event from ever occurring!  Allfine assists in preventing theft, vandalism, illegal garbage dumping and trespassing.  The moment we detect a crime we immediately inform the authorities ensuring a quick, rapid response.



  • Remote live view of your cameras on your cell phone, tablet and laptop computer
  • Push notification gives you instant alerts on your cell phone when motion is detected.   Our motion sensors are pet and animal immune.
  • Home and cottage security camera systems
  • License plate captures with HD and LPR cameras
  • Facial recognition to detect unauthorized access
  • User friendly
  • Lower insurance premiums


Allfine Security prides itself for its wide range of modern technology. In CCTV security camera systems, there are two main CCTV technologies.  Analog and Digital.  Analog has been around for many years and although still very effective, the digital equipment surpasses analog in regards to quality and capabilities.  Newer technologies include TVI (HD-TVI), CVI (HD-CVI) and SDI (HD-SDI).  IP Digital technology is the path of the future.   Utilizing IP protocol, these mega pixel cameras and security systems can detect objects removed which can assist any retail clothing outlet or department store.  Detect fire, motion or license plates which is ideal for any construction site or car dealership.  Digital IP cameras are much more advanced by having a sharper picture achieving resolutions of up to 30 mega pixels, wider field of view and organized video analytics. Digital IP can pinpoint events through motion detecting, tampering with the camera or objects disappearing, this feature is what makes digital IP the much popular choice. For older properties with an outdated wiring infrastructure,  we provide TVI cameras, which at its core supports 720p/1080p, affordable, no transmission delay and the transmission can range up to 500m without interruptions. Our qualified staff are professionally trained to work with all CCTV technologies leaving you with a professional installation.

What Our Customers Are Saying

What a wonderful security system they created for me. Great job everyone. High end service.

Alice, Toronto ON

Allfine wired us up for cameras, alarm, intercom and music. We control it all from one app and our home is truly protected 24/7. Very reassuring. We’re a Very happy couple.

Jay, Toronto ON.

HD security cameras are great. So useful. Very clear. Thanks Allfine

Veronica, Etobicoke ON.

Love it, love it, love it. great cameras and a very easy to use smart home system. highly recommend.

Monica, Vaughan ON

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