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Below are some frequently asked questions about our business. If you still need assistance please contact us.

Press *6 then enter the master code. Press 1, then enter the time and date as follows (HH:MM:MN:DD:YY) press # twice to exit. Note: when entering the hour, enter in a 24h format example: 7:00pm = 19:00 hours.
When there is a yellow triangle that appears, this means the alarm system has detected a trouble. While in front of the alarm keypad, press *2. Take note of the numbers displayed on screen. Contact our office and press OPTION 2 for Service and advise the representative of the code numbers on screen. The representative will assist you in clearing the trouble.
When the alarm system is ready to be armed, the GREEN check mark will appear on the keypad.
When the alarm system is armed, there will be a RED light on the keypad with a lock symbol. This RED lock icon when on means system is armed and property is protected.
To bypass a zone, simply press *1, then enter the 2-digit zone number you wish to bypass . Finally, press #. (example: *1 03 #) This will bypass that specific zone so you can arm the alarm system. Once the alarm system has been disarmed, you will need to re-bypass again.
Before performing any tests, contact our office to put your system on “Testing Mode”. This will avoid any false alarm dispatched of emergency services. Once your system is on “Test” you can test all components of your alarm system. Once complete, we encourage you to contact our office again so we can confirm the testing results.
To disarm your alarm system simply enter your four digit user code.
To arm your system, first ensure all zones are closed. When the green checkmark appears on the keypad simply enter your four digit master code.
Press*5 then enter the master code. The alarm panel will beep, then enter two digit user number (example., 01 for user 1, 02 for user 2, 03 for user 3, etc). Then enter the four digit user code. Press # to exit. You can set individual codes for employees, cleaning staff, guests, etc. It is best practice that everyone has their own code and that user codes are not shared this way you can track who arms and disarms the system.
To change the master code press *5 then the master code, enter 40, then enter the new four digit master code. press # to exit.
Our pet immune motion detectors will allow pet movement and still provide protection in your home. Certain motion sensors are designed with pet immunity. Pets under 40lbs will not be detected.
Do not panic! Simply enter your four digit user code to disarm your alarm system.
Every installation is different. A typical installation takes one full day to install.
No. We can monitor our alarm systems via an Internet connection or wirelessly via GSM cellular communication.
The alarm panel has a backup battery. The system will automatically switch to the backup battery when power is absent, then switch back once power is restored. Typical battery run time is about 24 Hours.
Yes, arming the system is STAY mode will protect all windows and doors and bypass the motion detectors so you can walk freely in your home and still have the protection you desire.


Below are some frequently asked questions about our security cameras. If you still need assistance please contact us.

All systems can be configured to record for 15-90 days. This also depends on the size of the hard-drive that was installed in your system and the DVR configuration. Average recording time is 30-60 days on 24/7 continuous record and 1-6 months on motion detection.
Best practice would be to playback saved data from the day before. If you see footage then the NVR is functioning properly.
Yes. Using your existing cabling, we can upgrade your old security camera system with newer technology that can deliver high definition resolutions of 720P and above!
Yes. All our DVR systems are networkable. They can be configured to view your property from anywhere in the world or from your mobile devices.
All our outdoor cameras are designed to withstand the Canadian climates and are fully weatherproof.
All installations are different, a typical installation can be done in one day where others may take more time.
Yes, our night-vision cameras are designed to see objects in the lowest light conditions.
Different cameras have different viewing angles. This ranges between 90 Degrees and 360 Degrees depending on manufacturer and model.

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